June 19, 2018

Calling artists, performers, creatives, makers, journalists, scientists, researchers, programmers and anyone interested in telling data stories through art. dARTa is a data and art design workshop that brings data geeks and creatives together with the goal of portraying important data in a way that appeals to the public – to touch, hear and feel data that matters.

Date: Tuesday 1 September 2020

Venue: Virtual: Register here: www.sacsc2020.com/

Time: 11:30am


  • Data geeks are teamed up with creatives
  • Data on topics related to cities is made available
  • Teams use the data to inspire a creative output such as art, performing art, film, etc.
  • Teams present/perform their output at the end of the week.

See the data that is available here.


At the last dARTa event we created a beat using sexual offence crime data from 3 police stations in Durban. You can find this output here.

For more inspiration see the video below and click here, here and here.



dARTa hopes to… 

  • Unleash new, innovative ways for researchers to present data;
  • Provide creatives with content to generate evidence based art;
  • Develop long-lasting partnerships between researchers and creatives;
  • Generate outputs that could be reproduced and tested with audiences;
  • Produce learnings on how best to disseminate research.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Logo credit: @paulfigdesign

Joanne Parker

Joanne Parker