Our Values

“We believe in the potential of South Africa, and believe that research can assist unlock this potential“

We strive to provide new and unique solutions within the green and circular economy space
Collaboration & Inclusion
We believe in the power of collective knowledge and in the value of diversity.
We strive to behave ethically, with intention at all times. We believe in a transparent, inclusive and objective approach to research.

We pride ourselves on holistic solutions that support people and protect the natural environment.
Our partners, clients, team and community are at the heart of what we do. We understand that data is only one part of what is, essentially, a human story.

What drives us is our genuine desire to assist our partners and clients to reach informed decisions that are sustainable and implementable


We provide economic analyses that are data-driven and realistic. Our goal is to inform the development of a connected, inclusive and sustainable society that thrives in harmony with the natural environment. We have adopted a modern perspective that is centred on people and the environment rather than economic growth. Our approach is collaborative, transparent, inclusive and objective, which results in better analysis and more accurate recommendations that are environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive, and practically implementable

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What Makes Us Unique

  • We have 15 years of experience in research, strategic planning and project management.
  • We offer an interdisciplinary skillset, merging creativity with data to provide practical and informed solutions within the green and circular economy.
  • We have a multi-faceted approach to research, drawing on current and emerging methodologies and technologies to generate innovative research outputs.
  • We draw on a team of small businesses, each bringing their own set of experience and expertise. This approach means that we are able to respond quickly to our changing environment and the needs of our partners and clients.