The Durban Edge Open Data Portal

Durban EDGE open data portal landing page image

The Durban EDGE data portal contains raw data, data stories and data dashboards, the majority of which are publicly available. Data includes economic growth, employment, business licensing, freight cargo and more.



The aims of the portal are to:

  • Create a single repository of city economic data,
  • Ensure consistency in reported economic indicators,
  • Improve the accuracy of city data,
  • Increase accessibility of city data for all stakeholders, including citizens of Durban,
  • Improve city data practices and processes,
  • Enhance informed decision making,
  • Improve the lives of citizens through evidenced-based intervention.

eThekwini is the first municipality in the country to develop such a portal. It is being developed by Open Data Durban who have contracted Lumec to assist with project facilitation and stakeholder consultation.

The Durban EDGE portal can be accessed here.