Joanne Parker Director LUMEC

Joanne holds an Honours Degree in Philosophy and Economics and a Masters of Commerce in Maritime Studies from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She has 9 years of experience in conducting economic research, strategic plans, market demand assessments, and feasibility studies. Since 2019, Joanne has performed the role of product owner in the development of several open data portals. Her skills include research, data collection and analysis, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, workshop facilitation and project management. Joanne has experience within the maritime, retail, property development, innovation and green economy sectors, with an emphasis on both urban and rural development, particularly within South Africa. Her desire to disrupt the economic research space in South Africa is what led her to found Lumec in February 2016. She is passionate about people, ethics and equality and hopes that her research will contribute to more inclusive, sustainable and authentic solutions for Africa. Joanne has worked on the following projects:


  • Maritime: Transnet’s 30-year Port Development Framework Plans (2012 and 2018); Tariff Strategy for South African Ports (2015);  Estimating the Number of Port-related Jobs in eThekwini (2015)
  • Green Economy: Wastage: Effect on green retail & role in socio-economic development (2020); 
  • Innovation: KZN Innovation Publication (2019); Innovate Durban theory of change, monitoring and evaluation framework and strategic plans (2018-2020)
  • Data: South African Cities Network Open Data Portal and associated city data platforms for eThekwini, Johannesburg and Ekhurhuleni (2019/20)
  • Strategic Planning: 20-yr Sustainable Urban Development Plan for the Greater Banjul Area in The Gambia (2020); KZN Trade and Investment Strategy (2019)